Message of BIRS Principal

It is my pride and privilege to be the principal and Head of the Department of Bahawalpur Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences which is an associate institution of Bahawalpur Medical and Dental College and Bahawalpur research and Life Sciences Development Pvt. Limited. The world of physical therapy has changed dramatically over the last few years with the advent of technological breakthroughs that make rehabilitation more advanced. A physiotherapist is autonomous professionals, able to act as first contact practitioners accepting referrals as well as referring patients to other health care professionals. Physiotherapists are key players in the health care system today.

They help in restoring and improving movements, keeping patients healthy fit and active thereby improving the quality of life. They also play an important role in avoiding surgery and long term use of medications.
“Doctors add years to life and Physical Therapist add life to years”

BIRS encompasses the vision and mission of BRLS, Which is to develop the best health care educational/ Clinical institution to Improve the health of the people of Pakistan especially the southern region of Punjab province.
which the vision and mission we will achieve our goals by delivering the best knowledge and its practical execution to our new generation at BIRS and its associated institutions.

I Wish BIRS to be a great institution and all the students associated with this institution become best clinicians.

Dr. Yasir Arbab Malik
PT HOD & Principal BIRS