Post R.N Nursing

BMDC Nursing Institute


Our Post-RN program is designed to recognize and build on your previous education as qualified Registered Nurses. It opens up opportunities for higher education and specialization that can help you move ahead in your career.

It is a two-year programme and is extremely flexible as it allows nurses to enrolll as full-time, part-time or work-based students, enabling them to study alongside their existing work commitments.

1st Professional Year

# Subject Title
1 Basic & Applied Sciences
2 Global Health
Trends&Issues in Nursing
Nursing Ethics
3 Advanced Concepts In Nursing
Health Assessment
Advance concepts in Clinical Nursing
4 Research
Nursing Research
5 Teaching & Learning
Classroom & Teaching & Evaluation
Clinical Teaching And Evaluation
6 Computer Skills
6 Communication Skills(English)
6 Self Study

2nd Professional Year

# Subject Title
1 Mental Health Nursing
2 Nursing Management
Leadership And Management
Professional Development
3 Community Health
Community Health Nursing
Reproductive health
Applied Nutrition
3 Clinical Particum(Elective)
Pediatric Nursing
Critical Nursing
Accident and Emergency Nursing
Operation Theatre Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Dental Health Nursing
5 Communication Skills
6 Self Study

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The Post R.N Nursing is offered by the BMDC Nursing Institute. For online application and further information click on the below links.