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About Us

BMDC's Introduction

Background Statement

BMDC and its associated institutions are part of a project which is envisioned, owned, and managed by Bahawalpur Research and Life Sciences Development Private Limited. Bahawalpur Research and Life Sciences Development (PVT) LTD has a duly registered company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It is a group of highly accomplished and acknowledged leaders from the medical profession from within and outside Pakistan and some highly respected leaders of the business community in Bahawalpur.

About BMDC

Bahawalpur Medical and Dental College is an overriding hub of knowledge, formulated to cope up with contemporary Medical Sciences. BMDC has stepped in this era to empower budding minds with knowledge to make their successful sailing for finding new cures and making this planet free of every disorder. Institute is embarking on the ship of curiosity for active exploration and bold innovation for its survival in a swift world. BMDC is offering programs in various disciplines of Medical Sciences. We have developed an atmosphere that maximizes students learning abilities and optimizes their knowledge absorption capacities. Our teaching techniques remain in cohesion with changing times to obtain the best outcomes. Our teaching staff not only focuses on learning methodologies but personality grooming is also their key duty.

Our Vision

Excellence in education and research.

Best in care and cure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive and challenging educational environment within which students of diverse backgrounds prepare themselves for careers characterized by a commitment to excellence, lifelong learning, and service to others through patient care, research, and teaching.

Our Values

  • Student-centerd education
  • Life-long learning
  • Patient-centered care
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Compassion

Our Objectives

BRLS’s main focus is the development of institutions for health care. It has ventured into establishing a new private medical college in Bahawalpur (BMDC) along with an associated 500-bed teaching hospital (BMDC Hospital).

Component Colleges
To cover the field in a comprehensive and collaborative fashion, educational institutions in related disciplines are also being established in addition to BMDC, as component colleges of a single educational conglomerate including:

  • Bahawalpur Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (BIRS)
  • BMDC Nursing Institute
  • Bahawalpur College of Pharmacy(BCP)
  • Bahawalpur Institute of Allied Health Sciences(BIAHS)

All these 5 institutions are partners in achieving excellence in education and care, and share same vision and values, while pursuing their individual missions.